Success stories


Pamela Hamilton (33)
Associate Director with pharmaceutical market research consultancy

Challenge: Enhance professional skills, improve productivity

Pamela felt that her day-to-day structure did not allow for time to think strategically about the company. She also felt her project workload did not leave her with time to engage in networking, business development and team building. Her goal was to address these issues, increase her job performance and sales targets. She also had a desire to improve her management and leadership skills.

Through coaching she was able to create a plan around her workload and set realistic targets with specific deadlines. She was also able to build a list of resources and learn new techniques that helped her solve problems in her work. She found ways to keep herself motivated through periods of intense work and take action on things she had previously neglected. Coaching also enabled Pamela to free up time for more networking and improve her skills. As a result, the number of client meetings generated had doubled since the first coaching session and an increase in winning projects improved sales for the company. She also gained a new qualification using the time she freed up which created the opportunity of working towards Director-level in her field.




Daniela Jones (37)
Management Development consultant with GHCA

Challenge: Set up and grow company

Daniela was one of a handful of executives from different professional backgrounds wanting to establish their own human capital consultancy. Confident with their own professional skills they needed direction and clarifications on how to develop the contacts, relations and turn them in to business. Their goal was to generate business within the first year of operation.

Through coaching, Daniela was able to identify clearly GHCA’s target market and what they stood for as a consultancy to the corporate world. The UK consultant was able to identify marketing opportunities and translate these into strategies, which were further developed and eventually implemented globally. The company is now able to focus its efforts on generating new and repeat business from its vast database of contacts.




Dr. Sarah Johnsson (32)
Senior Research Executive

Challenge: Accelerate Career Progression

Sarah has been working in the field of market research for the past 2 years only. This being a second career that she started in her early 30’s, she was keen to progress as quickly as possible. Working in a hectic environment and finding it hard to be objective about her own development, she decided to make time to stop and focus on herself.

Through coaching, she spent time mapping out where she wanted to go with her job. From this starting point she was able to assess completed and outstanding issues. Over the course of a few coaching sessions, she reached her primary goal of being promoted. This had a huge positive impact on her work and confidence, something that benefited both her and her company.




Tony Hogan (55)
Relationship Coach

Challenge: Put fun back into life and marriage

Tony found himself in a situation where he was running around working on various projects, day and night, without making time for what he really wanted. He discovered why he had no fun in his life and how important it was to know what he really wanted from his life – which he also realised was something of such a high value to him.

Coaching made him stop and take stock of his life. His work is now geared towards what he really wants to do, rather than what he felt he had to do. He lives a much more balanced lifestyle, which gives him greater quality of life and a happier relationship. It enabled him to put the fun back into his life and his marriage.




Richard Blench (32)
Sales Consultant

Area: Revive relationship with parents

Ever since Richard left home 14 years ago he had never really spoken to his parents properly. They would have contact, but communicate only superficially. Richard had found it extremely difficult to even think about talking to either his mother or father about his life, fears, and personal issues of any kind. As a result, he had become very distant from both his parents and their communication dwindled.

Richard wanted to end this situation, but was afraid of starting any kind of personal dialogue with his parents. Since working with Pinnacle, Richard has been able to re-connect with both of his parents and they are now talking regularly about anything and everything!




Andy Mason (39)
Management Consultant

Area: Transition into fulfilling life

Three years ago Andy found himself at a crossroads in his career. He worked in the field of personal and organisational development and had worked his way up to consultant level. Whilst very successful, he still felt unfulfilled. He was troubled and distracted by the doubt he felt that this was what he ultimately wanted from his life. He felt that he had already reached his peak.

With these frustrations in mind he began his coaching sessions with Pinnacle. The sessions helped Andy define his professional goals in a pragmatic fashion.
Coaching provided him with support and allowed him to make the difficult transition into a new life. As a result of being coached, he has just finished two years working in Sri Lanka and is now studying for his Masters degree at the University of Sydney.



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