Is your mind out of touch with your life? Do you spend more time daydreaming than doing?  Does your mind ever feel like it’s out of control? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions isn’t it time that you woke up your mind.

The mind is often translated as that core of your being. It is understood by philosopher and theologian alike as the seat of the human soul. If it is from within our mind that our life is carried out it is then critical that we learn how to gain control of our mind.

Imagine yourself as mindless. If you didn’t have a mind you would be the victim of your instincts. Your ability to make choices, good and bad alike would never occur. Enjoyment would slip away. Love would disappear. The core of your human connectedness would die.

Your being able to gain control of your mind will open you to previously unattainable levels of self discovery and interrelatedness. .
How can you gain much needed control over your mind? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Recognize that the content of your mind is made up of only three facets: your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.
  2. Aggressively take charge of your mind. Recognize that there is a “window of opportunity” between what you think and what you do. This is especially true if the content of your mind happens to be a thought or belief. It can be a bit more challenging if you’re reacting to a feeling. The bottom line is to discipline yourself to become a proactive person rather than a reactive person.
  3. Set aside a few minutes and simply “watch” how your mind works. One exercise is to take two or three minutes while sitting at a table with pen in hand. Quickly jot down whatever thoughts pop into your mind. Upon examination you can see the stuff that occupies your mind. You’ll find it to be quite revealing. Most of your minds activity is taken up with useless and mundane stuff.
  4. Once you’ve learned how to “see” your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in action the next step is to stop the minds activity before you act on them. Take control of them.
  5. Consciously ask yourself “why” you do certain things. Where does a particular though come from? Does it make sense to continue to hold onto a certain thought that may be hurtful or self destructive?
  6. Finally acknowledge the thought that’s tied to an action. Then change your behavior. Quite literally you can change your mind by changing your action.

Once you can gain control of the activities of your mind you can make all things possible within your life.

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