Coaching Packages






Initial Consultation

If you have something on your mind, and you think coaching might be the way forward, talk to us about it. We can set up a free initial 20-minute phone consultation. In the session, you can talk to a coach and tell them as little or as much about your situation, and he or she will give you their thoughts about a way forward for you. Most importantly – there’ll be no pressure for you to buy anything, and you won’t need to feel embarrassed about saying “no”.

Only phone sessions available for free consultations

  20 minute telephone session   Free

One-off telephone Coaching for business, professional or personal development

If you want just a one-off session to work through an immediate issue or goal then one session is all you’ll need. You might have a burning issue you want to resolve immediately and need to work through a solution or need to make an important decision but want objective help from a Qualified Coach. The earliest available appt will be booked and will last 1 hour.

The above refers to telephone sessions. Face to face sessions are also available if you prefer at a small an additional cost.

  1 hour telephone session   From

Block of 6 telephone Coaching sessions for business, professional or personal development

If you have a longer term goal that you want results in, either in business, personal or career then this is for you. Whether you are looking to enhance your communication, get more done, improve your relationships or simply want to get more out of life, then a series of sessions will help you fast track your way there! After the initial exploration session lasting about 1.5hrs, you will have a series of structured sessions between you and your coach, during which you work together to:

  • identify your goals, challenges and development needs
  • take responsibility for these needs and consider how best to address them
  • implement an action plan, monitor progress and review goals as necessary
  • clarify and align of your goals to your values
  • elicit self-generated solutions and strategies
  • work through your agenda with each session building on the next

The above refers to telephone sessions. Face to face sessions are also available if you prefer at an additional cost.

  Six 1 hour

NLP/TLT sessions

Make an ‘instant’ breakthrough in any area of your life with a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP & Time Line Therapy™ Coach that truly focuses on you and only you. Crack through the barriers of negative thinking, low confidence and things that stop you from achieving what you want. The powerful techniques used in this session centred on a particular area of focus or goal that will transform the way you think, operate and act in your life. This session lasts for about 2.5hrs and will help you to clear the way forward to achieving your specific goals.

  Half day
face to face


To book any of the above session simply call us on 0845 467 1471 and we will arrange for your session to take place at a time convenient to you.

You will be emailed information in preparation for your session so you get maximum value when you speak with your coach.

We look forward to working with you!