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Think It, Believe It, Achieve it – £7.95

Think It, Believe It, Achieve itWe have an exciting and timely eBook written especially for you.

Think it. Believe it. Achieve it” will take you where you need to go to get back on track with your life dreams.

Begin today to recapture those lost plans and dreams that lay dormant in your life.

This eBook will help you get moving toward what you want be your setting a direction, purpose and the drive to your life.

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The Brilliant New You – £7.95

The brilliant new you“Isn’t it time you brought out the true brilliance within you?”

Most makeover’s are only skin deep. Not this one. Take the Pinnacle makeover challenge and discover a whole new you from the inside out.

Our eBook entitled ‘The Brilliant New You’ could be the best investment you’ll ever make. In it you’ll discover step-by-step ways to becoming the person you want to be.

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New Career, New Life – £9.95

New Career, New LifeDo you feel like your job is just that: just a job? Would you like to get up in the morning excited to go to work? What if each day was a new and exciting challenge for you? Well now you can have this and more.

Pinnacle brings you an exciting and inspiring eBook New Career, New Life. This nine-part programme is designed to take you from where you are at now to where you really want to be.

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Great Communications – £8.95

Great CommunicationsErrors in communications can be disastrous. Many wars ago there was a popular saying: “Loose lips sink ships.” This was quite literally true.

All it took for an enemy to gain the upper hand was for one seaman to let slip a few words.

Fortunately our day-to-day communications don’t result in tragedy, but they can however result in lost sales, unhappy people, and ruined friendships.

Great Communications’ will help you learn to communicate more powerfully.

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 Unleash Your Inner Drive – £7.95

Unleash Your Inner DriveHere’s a way to get yourself on the path to success.

Pinnacle is proud to offer the eBook “Unleash You Inner Drive.”

This six-part eBook will introduce you to powerful ways to motivate yourself to finding within yourself the confidence and self-belief you need to become a successful person.

No more putting things off until tomorrow. You’ll find the inner resources to take on whatever today challenges you with.

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Brimming With Confidence! – £8.95

Nurture and grow your confidence from the inside out and get results fast!

No longer do you need to lack self-confidence! Here you will learn how to be listened to in both your personal and professional life. If you feel the need to become more self-confident then you need to read this notice.

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