Asking someone to get up before an audience can often instills a state of fear and anxiety if you’re not used to doing it. Why? For most, it’s the idea that presenting is somehow equated with a total loss of control. Can I do it? How will others see me? What if it all goes wrong? Read the rest of this entry

When we talk about having more time what we’re really saying is “I need to manage my time more effectively.” We are easily overwhelmed with what we need to get done. As we become overwhelmed we become more anxious which then causes us to disconnect from what needs to be done. As you can see we are easily sent into a tailspin of getting nothing done. In other words we procrastinate. Read the rest of this entry

There aren’t too many books that have received the acclaim that Dale Carnagie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence people” has received.  The biggest problem is that the title of the book has become a clique rather than something that we read and practice. Read the rest of this entry

You’re going to end up exactly where you want to be…even without a plan! Think about it, somewhere in your future you’ll be somewhere doing something. Now the real question is this: do you want to leave the future to chance or do you want to shape and influence your future to your making? Read the rest of this entry

Is your mind out of touch with your life? Do you spend more time daydreaming than doing?  Does your mind ever feel like it’s out of control? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions isn’t it time that you woke up your mind. Read the rest of this entry